Resource: Election Dates and Definitions

This election is unprecedented. And that’s why we’re preparing to mobilize quickly and peacefully in unprecedented numbers if the need arises.

Donald Trump routinely ignores democratic norms, lies about mail-in voting, or falsely calls the election “rigged.” That’s why we’re building a grassroots network of millions of Americans ready to take to the streets to protect our democracy.

This is a broad coalition of over 100 grassroots organizations, progressive and conversative advocacy groups, government watchdogs, voting rights advocates, and labor unions that will fight to make sure every single vote is counted.

We’re also urging election officials, the press, and our country’s leaders to not only make it abundantly clear before the election that returns will be delayed, but to also call out Trump’s efforts to cast doubt on the outcome of the election.

We simply cannot ignore the risk that Donald Trump poses to our democracy, especially as he works to delegitimize the 2020 election.

Back in 2016, Trump repeatedly threatened not to accept the election results unless he won, and spread baseless claims of voter fraud even after he won. Since then, Trump has taken steps to dispute the 2020 election, saying that it is “rigged” against him, spreading lies about mail-in voting, and claiming “mail boxes will be robbed” or that “ballots will be forged” to preemptively cast doubt on the results.

Donald Trump and his allies are already lying about voter fraud and calling the upcoming election “rigged” in order to suppress the vote and sow doubt about the results. Trump has repeatedly hinted that he will not leave the White House willingly, warning that “people would demand that I stay longer.” He even threatened to “deploy the United States military” against the American people to quash peaceful protests.

Throughout American history, presidents who have lost re-election have always stepped down willingly and respected the peaceful transition of power.

This is foundational to American democracy. That’s why we cannot and will not allow Trump to follow through on his threats to ignore the will of the people.

We will demand that every vote is counted. Tens of millions of Americans will cast their ballots by mail this year, and it may take days or weeks to get an accurate count from key states. If Trump attempts to pressure state officials to certify election results, or declares victory, before all votes are counted, we will take action.

We will organize to ensure that if Trump loses, he concedes—whether that means pressuring Congress, the Electoral College, or state officials to ensure they honor the accurate, final vote count.

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