The military found the flight data recorder of the plane that crashed in the Philippines

The Philippine military has found the flight data recorder of a C-130 military aircraft that crashed near the Sulu Archipelago. This was stated by the commander of the armed forces of the Republic, Sirilito Sobedzhana, his words are transmitted by ABS-CBN.

The officer said that the” black box ” was found on the morning of July 5. “At the moment, he is with the investigators, they are finding out what was the last conversation between the pilot and the crew,” he said.

Sobejana also said that all aircraft of the Philippine Air Force (Air Force) will be checked for airworthiness. He stressed that the country’s armed forces are ready to assist in the investigation of the circumstances of the C-130 crash.

On July 4, it became known about the crash of a military aircraft of the Philippine Air Force C-130 in the area of the Sulu archipelago in the southwestern Philippines. It was reported that the plane crashed while trying to land: it did not hit the runway and caught fire after the crash. There were 96 military personnel on board, who were heading to the island of Holo as part of the counter-terrorism task force. The victims of the disaster were 50 people. At the moment, more than 30 passengers of the aircraft are hospitalized. After the incident, flights of C-130 military aircraft were suspended.

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