In France, they are thinking about mandatory vaccination

Vaccination against coronavirus may become mandatory for all adults in France. The Prime Minister of the country, Jean Kastex, asked the parliament to consider the prospects of the relevant law, The Times reports.

It is expected that the law will provide for mandatory vaccination first for all medical workers and employees of nursing homes, and then-depending on the epidemic situation — and other groups of the adult population.

It is noted that the reluctance of the population to be vaccinated hinders the authorities ‘ goal to reach 80 percent of those vaccinated, which is necessary to achieve collective immunity. According to surveys, about 20 percent of French adults refuse vaccination. Among young people aged 18 to 24, this figure increases to 26 percent. Currently, 34 percent of the French population is fully vaccinated, another 51 percent received a single dose of the drug from COVID-19.

French Health Minister Olivier Veran has warned that the country could face a fourth wave of the epidemic by the end of the month due to the “delta”variant of the Indian strain of coronavirus. According to him, the level of infection has not decreased for five days. Veran also called on as many French people as possible to supply a vaccine against COVID-19, reports Reuters

Earlier, the French authorities opened the borders for vaccinated tourists. Entry to the territory of the republic without a PCR test will be open only to citizens of the “green” group of states vaccinated against coronavirus — it includes the EU countries, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Lebanon, Singapore, New Zealand and Israel.

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