Biden to review US sanctions policy

It is noted that the country’s authorities intend to move away from “large-scale pressure campaigns” on other countries in order to avoid serious economic damage to Washington. “We are focused on moving from unilateral actions that have defined US policy over the past four years to real work with our partners,” the source said.

Washington wants to make sanctions part of a whole range of diplomatic measures, among which there will be other forms of persuasion to achieve political goals. According to the publication, the Biden administration will review the country’s sanctions policy by the end of the summer.

Biden’s predecessor in the presidential post, Donald Trump, used economic restrictions to put pressure on Iran, Venezuela and North Korea. According to a source of The Wall Street Journal, such a policy allowed achieving short-term results, but did not lead to fundamental changes in the geopolitical arena.

Earlier, the deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Sergei Ryabkov, said that it was inevitable that the pressure of the American authorities on Russia would increase with the help of sanctions. “The United States cannot simply abandon the sanctions policy, even realizing its futility, futility, futility,” he said. According to the diplomat, Washington will continue to look for reasons to expand restrictions against Moscow.

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