In The News: Events Planned Nationwide By Advocacy Groups After Election To Make Sure All Ballots Are Counted

By Maggie Miller // The Hill // 10.16.2020

A coalition of advocacy groups are coordinating over 170 events post-Election Day should President Trump either declare victory before all votes are cast, or refuse to accept election results. 

The events are being organized nationwide on Nov. 4 by Protect the Results, which represents a coalition of more than 100 advocacy groups, labor unions and grassroots organizations including Stand Up America, Indivisible, Republicans for the Rule of Law, the Sierra Club and many others. 

Protect the Results launched an interactive map to allow U.S. voters to RSVP to planned events and create their own, with the events meant to promote a peaceful transition of power if Vice President Joe Biden wins the presidential election, and to push for the counting of every ballot before the election is called. The groups expect more events to be added to the map prior to Election Day. 

The events are being planned in the wake of multiple comments and tweets from President Trump in which he has raised concerns about potential voter fraud from the use of mail-in ballots and has encouraged his supporters to “watch” the polls to ensure no fraud took place.

Stand Up America founder and President Sean Eldridge pointed to Trump’s comments around the election process on Friday in calling on U.S. voters to cast their ballots for Biden. 

“Donald Trump is behind in the polls, he’s desperate, and he’s trying to bully and cheat his way through this election,” Eldridge said in a statement to The Hill. “The most important thing Americans can do to protect our democracy is to make a plan to vote early and help Joe Biden win in a landslide.”

“We know that voting alone might not be enough when it comes to defeating Donald Trump—and that’s why we’ll be ready to mobilize to demand that every vote be counted and that state officials, Congress, and the Electoral College honor the final, accurate vote count,” Eldridge added. 

Sarah Dohl, co-founder and acting chief campaign officer of Indivisible, said in a separate statement that “with every tweet and refusal to commit to accepting the legitimate election results, Trump is trying to stoke chaos and fear. It’s all he has left in his playbook. But we are ready.” 

“Should Trump declare victory before all the votes are counted or prevent the legitimate counting of votes, we will mobilize in every corner of this country to ensure voters have the last word in November,” Dohl added. 

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